Advokatska kancelarija
Vladan Batić
Vladan Batić was born on 27 July 1949 in Obrenovac, where he finished elementary and high school. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade in 1977. In 1981, Vladan obtained his doctoral degree with the thesis entitled "Free Customs Zones from the Point of View of International Public Law" at the Department of International Public Law, after which he got a scholarship to study in Germany. As a result of growing up in a patriarchal household (in the spirit of what the Communists called “the reaction," in which both paternal and maternal ancestors were victims of communist persecution, he started working for Obrenovac Council, staying there for many years. Although he was the only Doctor of Law in the institution, a typical act of rebellion for an advocate of democratic attitudes i.e. "a morally and politically unsuitable individual." Very soon the "morally unsuitable individual" proved to be the more moral one, because unlike many other "moral and suitable" individuals, he gave up his apartment, in the "if you have a house, give back your apartment” campaign. Vladan didn’t want to waste his knowledge on the entrenched anti-democratic system which seemed immune to change, nor did he want to be humiliated by taking up his new position, despite the fact that he was the most educated in his workplace. He left his job at the Council in 1984 to establish a Law Firm in his native Obrenovac. Very quickly, Dr Batic’s successes made him known throughout the country. For that reason, in addition to the Law Firm in Obrenovac (which continued to work under his father and then trainee, and later the Minister of Police Dragan Jočić), he also started a Law Firm in Belgrade in 1989, at Terazije No.1 with over two thousands active cases still stored in his archive. As a top expert in legal matters and one of the most recognized and respected experts in the areas of criminal, civil and commercial law, he would help his colleagues, often assigning cases he could not look after due to his own heavy workload. It should also be noted he did not always charge for his services, often providing free legal advice. In addition to thousands of different cases, since 1990 he acted as a legal representative in cases that attracted the attention of the public. He was a lawyer of "ICN" - the company of the businessman Milan Panic; the Veterinary Medicine Institute Zemun; SOE energy Southeast of Nis; military reserves from Leskovac; Agroživ company; Knez Petrol company; the defense lawyer of Mile Dragić, General Momčilo Perišić, Vojin Đorđević, Zvezdan Terzić and many others. With regard to legal advice, his contribution was immeasurable - he selflessly helped Biljana Plavšić and Momčilo Perišić, who were charged with war crimes before the Hague Tribunal. It should be noted that he was passionately involved in collecting evidence against Albanian criminals Haradinaj, Čeku and Tači. On the basis of this evidence, an indictment was<br /> filed before the Hague Tribunal against Ramuš Haradinaj, commander of the "Operational Zone Đukadin" in 1999 (in which 67 people were executed, and in which he ordered the execution of at least 267 people, and carried out more than 400 abductions). One should not forget that he highlighted the case of the embarrassing judgment of Naser Orić, which he considered offensive not only for the families of his victims, but also for international justice, fundamental moral and common sense. He wrote several open letters to the former Hague tribunal prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, UMNIK head Soren Jasen Petersen on KLA crimes, and his predecessors Hackerup, Stacker and Holkeri. He signed off a large number of criminal charges, several against Mlađan Dinkić and his numerous abuses, Zoran Stojković, Slobodan Radovanović and Dragan Jočić, under whose political order Dr Vladan Batić (as a spokesman for truth) was brought to the police station, together with his longtime associate Dragan Vulić. All because he disagreed with the policies of the then Prime Minister Koštunica. Despite the strong desire of the establishment to remove him from the political and legal scene of Serbia, Dr Vladan Batić proved within 48 hours that the charges against him were false. Consequently, Dr Vladan Batić became the first political prisoner of Vojislav Koštunica, allegedly part of a witch hunt against him and others like him. After the Topčider case, Vladan carried the unique responsibility as family lawyer of the murdered soldiers Dražen Milovanović and Dragan Jakovljević. Despite the efforts of the investigating judge and judicial authorities who sought to obstruct and cover up the entire case by telling nefarious lies with the aim of putting the whole thing ad acta, Dr Vladan Batić began a multi-year struggle, showing that the investigating judge lied in the report, advocating for the truth about the murder of the soldiers. Investigations carried out by the US FBI confirmed his claims. He was also family lawyer of Dragan Kostić, the soldier who was killed at his barracks in Leskovac, and of soldier Žarković, who was killed in the Land Security Zone near Lebane; events that undoubtedly made a mark in history. As a lawyer to these families, he reported the violations of their fundamental rights to the OSCE, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Thus he demonstrated that the ultimate goal is not the showcasing of the legal material, but rather about the perpetual fight for justice itself. This has been just one of the areas of influence of Dr Vladan Batić’s practice - within his primary profession, where he showed that the fight for justice and truth was the constant that permeated his every action. In recent years, he worked extensively on lawsuits with his daughter to whom he passed the baton, promptly introducing her to cases, providing guidance in the extraordinary legal logic that characterized him. According to his wish, after his death in 2010 the Firm was taken over by his middle daughter, lawyer Olgica V. Batić.