Advokatska kancelarija
Olgica Batić
Olgica Batić was born on December 7, 1981 in Belgrade. She attended elementary and secondary school in Obrenovac and high school in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. After graduation, Olgica joined the legal team of Christian Democratic Party of Serbia (DHSS), founded by her father Dr. Vladan Batić, then president of the DHSS. As a president of the Christian Democratic Party and an MP in the National Assembly, she took on prominent political roles but also the legislative roles. On many occasions she has proposed the introduction of castration for returning sex offenders, as well as a stricter penal policy for perpetrators of the most serious crimes. Olgica follows family tradition of lawyers. She was engaged in a number of prosecutions that have attracted the attention of the public and have emphasized her leadership and management skills in the so-called "big cases". The experience which she first embraced around her father Dr. Vladan Batić’s law office, she brought to the courtrooms across the country where she continued operating a family-run practice as a skillful lawyer, capable of finding the most favorable solution even in the most delicate cases. In her career, Olgica turned out as a great solution in processes where dedicated engagement is required, in order to produce the necessary effect. She has represented corporate and individual clients in a wide variety of matters such as blood crime, provision of assistance to citizens in different areas, representation of largest national companies. To this day, Olgica carries on the firm’s tradition for professionalism with more and more success in her career. She is a criminal justice expert with special interest in civil and commercial law.
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