Public announcement regarding the case of poisoning in Smederevo


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Joint response of the Law Office Batic and Djordjevic to media signatures

In accordance with the Law on Public Information and Media, we hereby announce the response to the above mentioned media regarding our client Sanja Nikolic from Smederevo, which is in the above-mentioned media in the period from 27.04.2018 to 03.05.2018. repeatedly labeled to be “poisoned by colleagues of the Agricultural Advisory Service in Kolari”, “pouring poison into the coffee”, “trying to kill colleagues for mobbing”, “poisoning colleagues for lover”, etc.

We believe that the treatment of the media towards our client Sanja Nikolic and her family is not at all ethical, that the law on public information is violated on a daily basis by such actions and that the violation of the client’s innocence of our client is violated by the journalistic inscriptions of a sensationalist nature, as well as by Article 73 of the Law on Public Information and the media. The law clearly defines Article 74 to use information published exclusively at the main hearing or through access to information of public importance in reporting on criminal proceedings. Against Sanja Nikolic, the pre-trial procedure is underway, therefore, no indictment has been filed, while the media are set up as if the proceedings had already been completed and they were legally convicted.

The treatment of the media is indiscriminate damage to Sanija Nikolic daily, and we appeal to all the media whose response is directed to refrain from the qualifications that at this moment simply do not exist. We ask journalists’ associations to react because today, unfortunately, it has become a trend to comment on criminal proceedings, condemn people without evidence and destroy someone’s lives for the sake of reading.

The journalistic profession carries with it a great responsibility, with a careless text or title, can label people for life, as offenders, adulterers, or in this case a “bully”, and by this we send an appeal to all the media to think in the future about the consequences of their texts on those they are writing about, as well as their closest ones who suffer the consequences of such texts themselves.

Also, we urge the above mentioned media, in accordance with the Law on Public Information and the Media, to publish our joint reply in all releases, on the relevant pages containing the disputed information, and to publish it in the first edition of the media.

Attorneys of Law Office Batić from Belgrade and Law Office Dušan Đorđević from Smederevo

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