Batić Law Firm has extensive experience in criminal cases since its foundation. It is especially known for representing media-covered criminal cases, such as the murder of two soldiers in Topčider.

We have also represented individuals and clients like Milan Panić, businessman, Leskovac victims’ families, Agroživ and Knez Petrol companies, Mile Dragić, General Momčilo Perišić, Biljana Plavšić, Vojin Đorđević, Zvezdan Terzić and many others. We represent different criminal cases before the Court and Prosecutor’s Office.

Batić Law Firm provides representation of defendants and victims at main trials and higher courts, also serving as a juvenile delinquency defense.

We represent in the procedures of organized, high-tech and white collar crime.

Our Firm regularly represents clients in both the investigation and pre-criminal procedure, we make criminal reports, indictments and all legal remedies.

Advokatska kancelarija
Advokatska kancelarija