Advokatska kancelarija
Aleksandar Đorđević
Aleksandar Đorđević was born on May 11, 1989 in Smederevo. He attended high school in Smederevo and the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, where he graduated in 2013. During and after his studies, he gained practical experience in the consulting companies and top law firms in Belgrade, as well as in the family law firm in Smederevo. He is a member of The Bar Association of Belgrade. Aleksandar follows family tradition of lawyers. As a trainee, he was engaged in a number of criminal and civil proceedings, in particular the media-covered cases like road companies, Development Bank of Vojvodina and others. He concentrates his practice in the area of commercial law and civil procedures. Throughout his career, Aleksandar represented and participated in the management of large businesses, Serbian shopping centers, foreign and multinational companies as well as the diplomatic missions. He uses English for business communication, but also studied French, Spanish and Persian (Farsi).
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