On December 6, 2016, in the Media Center, a forensic 3D reconstruction of the murder of a guardsman will be presented and whose families we represent, done by the Center for Forensic Research doo Novi Sad (CFI doo Novi Sad).

The press conference will be attended by attorneys Olgica Batic and Aleksandar Djordjevic as well as lawyer Predrag Savic and family of killed guards.

Forensic 3D reconstruction is done using the latest laser technology and especially for this purpose software. Forensic 3D reconstruction is used in situations where conventional reconstruction is not possible due to the change of the face of the site. Forensic 3D reconstruction is irrelevant when the event happened (a month – two, a year – two, ten, twenty years …)

The basis for forensic 3D reconstruction is the capture of the face of the site by a laser 3D scanner. Objects and distance between objects are recorded with millimeter precision. The obtained result is processed in the software for the reconstruction of the crime, in which the paths of the projectile are determined, the place where the injured person stood and where the shooter was standing.

The most complex unsolved murders are not a problem for forensic 3D reconstruction. This state-of-the-art technology is used by only a few countries in the world (and Serbia is one of them). Forensic 3D reconstruction has already been implemented in several cases: in VJT in Novi Sad and VJT in Nis.

Forensic 3D reconstruction of the murder of the guards will be presented by eksperti CFI doo Novi Sad.

In the continuation of the conference, the parents of the injured guards and their proxies will inform you of the further steps they are taking to illuminate this murder, have been discovered and punished by the perpetrators.


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